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Actors who became famous in childhood. Photo

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. ФотоThey are familiar to us from childhood.

Still, the film beyond any time frame. In our eyes, the actors grow up, get married and get the Oscars. And we need to sit down, turn the film 90 years, where our pet of 13 years, and to turn back the clock.

We remember 10 stars who began acting when he was still young. Oh, like it was yesterday.

Hilary Duff

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

We remember her as Lizzie McGuire from the same series, and then the movie. But the beautiful Hilary Duff began acting at age 6. Little girl Wendy from the movie “Casper meets Wendy” in September will be 30 years old. The actress continues to play in the series and is raising 5-year-old kid Luca.

Natalie Portman

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

The first film, which starred Portman — Leon, we remember the teenager with four of a kind and bangs. Further — more, “Fight”, “Beautiful girls” and of course “Star wars”, where the young Natalie played Queen Amidala. On account of the 36-year-old owner of the award “Oscar” almost 50 films, and she’s not going to stop. The audience can not wait the premiere of the film “Annihilation”, where the actress will play a major role.

Daniel Radcliffe

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

“Harry Potter” in July, turned 28 years! Daniel Radcliffe is slowly but steadily away from the imposed role of a young wizard. The actor prefers to act in diverse films and is masterful as the writer of the beat generation, the assistant to Frankenstein. And by the way, the first kinorabotoy Daniel was not the role of the “boy who lived”, and orphans of David Copperfield from the eponymous mini-series.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

Idols of millions of girls around the world of the Olsen twins has long been possible to distinguish. Famous since infancy (in the TV series “Full house” sisters began to appear, when they have not been informed), Ashley and Mary-Kate gave a lot of wonderful comedies. Now the stars release clothes, and even have the award “Designer of the year”.

Lindsay Lohan

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

This bright girl broke into the film world with the movie “the parent Trap”, where she played two twins who were separated in childhood. 31-year-old actress have not flashed on the big screens, but this year will be released film “the Shadow within us” with Lohan in the lead role.

Christian Bale

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

It all started with advertising grain bread, when Christian bale was 9 years old, and now he is the holder of the award “Oscar”. Bale is known for his incarnations of the mighty in the ascetic, and the workshop acting. The number of films in which he played, up to 50, and we hope that this is not the limit.

Kirsten Dunst

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

35-year-old actress we associate with the young girlfriend of spider-Man, Mary-Jane, and with a brilliant Queen Marie Antoinette. However, the movie career of Kirsten dunst began in 1989 when she was 7 years old. Then she voiced Kiki in the animated film “Kiki’s delivery service”. Now dunst has a “palm branch” Cannes film festival — the actress received the award in 2011 for best female role (film “Melancholia”).

Dakota Fanning

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

Little Rachel from “War of the worlds” and a kind of fern from “Charlotte’s Web” for nearly 23 years. Dakota started his acting journey with TV shows, but soon began to play the second lead in a big movie. “Uptown girls” was the first movie where fanning played a major role. The acting schedule of work planned in the next few years.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

Handsome Jake Gyllenhaal also started his acting career in childhood. In 1991, he starred in the movie “City slickers” in the role of Danny, the son of one of the main characters. A couple of times the father of Jake, a famous film Director Stephen Gyllenhaal, gave his son with the daughter of a small role in the movie. Now the younger Gyllenhaal is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

Emma Watson

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

Smart Hermione in life is also not standing still: Emma Watson is slowly but surely conquering Hollywood. Beauty in the disney film “beauty and the beast”, a brave friend of the journalist in the movie “the Colony Dignidad” — the new role reveals 27-year-old Watson from different sides. Not only acting, but also a great sense of style Emma attract attention. The girl has become the youngest heroine of the cover of Vogue magazine.

Christina Ricci

Актеры, которые прославились еще в детстве. Фото

In 1990 came the first film, which starred Christina Ricci. When the “Mermaid” appeared on the screen, the girl was 10 years old. The next year she played Wednesday Addams, and in 1995 a friend of Casper, which we still remember. Now the actress began to appear less often, but every year we can see the movie with the participation of 37-year-old Richie.

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