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Acid treshak in the trailer of the film “Lycanimator”

Apparently, the name “Sickanimation” (“Lycanimator”) obtained by simple crossing “Lycan”, I mean werewolf, “Reanimator”, which according to Lovecraft.

Nightmare suit the title monster, cheap special effects, non-professional actors, pluck-eye picture – it looks like the movie has a chance to become so bad, that would be good. All this miracle was given to us by writer-Director Sebastian Godin, for whom the creation was the first full-length work. In the official synopsis well each word:

The group of friends decides to spend a weekend in an abandoned house and meets a mad scientist with mucus, perevoploschatsya people into monsters. And when this mucus turns one of the boys in a hungry and lustful monstrosity – so let’s just say it becomes a problem.

I’m ready to throw money at the monitor to see that. But while there’s a chance to just watch the trailer and enjoy the first poster, a masterpiece of design ideas.

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