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Accident in Kiev: the bus knocked down a woman

ДТП в Киеве: автобус сбил женщину The incident occurred at the bus stop.

In Kiev, prospect Akademika Glushkova (station “Exhibition center”) there was a wild incident. Sunday at 16:30, an elderly woman came out into the roadway to go in a large bus that hit her.

For a place called “ambulance” and 62-year-old pensioner was hospitalized with a chest injury and a hip joint. In the incident at the pensioner fractured ribs, punctured one lung and compound fracture of pelvis with displacement. The woman will need to undergo a complicated operation.

As it turned out, the bus number 56 he pulls to a stop. At this point the woman out into the street and it hooked the rear side of the bus. The incident occurred due to the fact that at the stop of the transport is a lot of minibuses, of cars and people already got used, that the buses and trolley stops in the second row to disembark and take in the passenger cabin. People just risk their lives by running onto the roadway.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating this case.

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