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Abroad to work is leaving more and more Belarusians

За границу на заработки уезжает все больше белорусов

In the third quarter of this year abroad worked 108,8 thousand people, follows from the data of sample surveys Balstata households to study the employment problems of the population, writes This is 10.3% more than in the same period last year. This statistical data includes those who worked abroad for up to one year.

Meanwhile, in 2014, a year outside the country, according to official statistics, worked 62.2 thousand people in 2015 and 39.4 thousand, in 2016-m — 59,5 thousand, in 2017 — 83 thousand in 2018 95.4 thousand.

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The majority went to work in the third quarter of this year, “settled” in Russia — 75,3%. But this figure is declining. For example, in 2017 this figure was 83.9 per cent.

According to the Department for citizenship and migration of the MIA, during the first nine months of the year to work abroad went 7386 people.

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In the statistics of the Department of citizenship and migration of the MIA we are talking about those Belarusians who go to work abroad, with the assistance of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have license to carry out activities related to employment abroad. Those who are left on their own, these statistics are not taken into account.

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