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About the film “Jumanji: a jungle” in Russian (VIDEO)

I’m still very skeptical about this project – it hurts Oh fuck Sony experience in dealing with all sorts of “restarts”, just look at the fresh “Flatliners” – but, in fairness, the latest promo of the film “Jumanji: a jungle” (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) encouraging.

First, there was quite a good trailer, and now properly mounted (and even in Russian translated – well done, PR people!) fecurity in which the actors and filmmakers talk about the respect they treat the original film as you do not want to let the fans cool what are their roles in this production etc etc.. All this is accompanied by vigorous cutting video from the film itself and jokes, full of self-irony – and the latter is always going to benefit any project of this sort.

Recall that the film’s Director is Jake Kasdan, and actors acting Dwayne Johnson and Jack black, the latter played by “avatar’s” glamorous Schoolgirls. The Russian premiere is scheduled exactly under the New year, on 28 December 2017.

This time full of dangers and adventures the world of Jumanji are four teenagers. They will fight with a rhinoceros, black Mambo, and every step will be watched by an endless series of traps and puzzles. To complete the game and stay alive, they will have to transform into game characters: the timid and shy Spencer is transformed into a brave and strong researcher, big Fridge — to geek-Shorty, fashionista and beauty Bethany — to the Professor, as clumsy and awkward Mar is a fearless and nimble Amazon. Friends have to get used to this completely new and unusual roles and to find their way home.

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The new trailer for “Jumanji: a jungle” looks better than the first!

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