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A straight line to the left

The purpose of the next “straight line” Putin — the creation of light in General, a picture in which there are a number of problems, but they are “disposable” (“and in General, all develops successfully”), and, in addition, a decision important for the Kremlin image-building tasks for the near future. The main form of “communication” with the President — reports from the field on achievements and single-staged questions. So, in answer to the question of reducing the incomes of the population, Putin said that the reasons are external shocks and the situation on the market for our traditional exports that now the situation is corrected, and in General we’re making progress.

Yes, of course, there are problems: graduates do not want to work in public medicine, the young cadres do not go, no one had ever considered how much a garbage disposal… However, the number of corruption crimes decreased, the Federal money allocated for national projects (for regions they do not learn).

In the end, the impression that people exaggerate the problems, but they are not so blatant, and with the impoverished teachers of the highest category still need to find out to check if they work “at full salary”. The main message: “we must be patient for the future” and “we need to understand what is essential to achieve breakthrough development.”

Raising the retirement age, according to the “lines” either do not have or it no longer cares. But “indexing the insurance of old age pensions made up 7.05% inflation rate last year of 4.3%”.

Talking about the problems of small and medium — sized businesses- in the style of “if someone somewhere in our times”, and the overall investment climate improves. Although everyone knows that the investment climate in the Russian Arctic and is characterized by the systematic use of not only economic, but also criminal charges for fighting with competitors in business, and generally any unwanted.

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And to dispel the illusion about the liberalization of the regime, asks the question about the strengthening of repressive legislation — about the need to introduce criminal liability for “fake news”.

Some sharp sound, but prepariruetsya. The question of the “junk” theme given the current “hot spot” at the station Sees in the Arkhangelsk region sets young instagram-blogger: “Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Adushkin my name is Kate, I’m 15 years old, I run, also fond of music and dancing. And, as all students worldwide, I am very interested in the problem of environmental degradation. Now in Russia begin to appear the point of collection to separate debris, but in the Internet say that in the end still all the garbage is dumped in a heap. How will you deal with this problem and are there any plans to address it?” In such formats, of course, no substantive response was not received.

But most importantly for those four hours was different: the Kremlin in the course of this straight line tried to solve their problems. One of them is the search of potential to break the mood, as well as testing the capabilities of the stabilization and growth of President’s rating.

First, Putin is clearly actualized the theme of the 1990s, which addressed several times during the broadcast. And he touched on this subject on their own initiative, completely out of context, and even with a direct threat. We are talking about people who “were at the helm in the 90-ies”. “During this time we have a completely collapsed social services, industry, defense industry. We lost the defense industry, we virtually destroyed the armed forces brought the country to civil war, bloodshed in the Caucasus. And put the country on the brink of loss of sovereignty and the collapse — it is necessary to say about it… Surely, if after all this happened, there are those who should be held accountable… This is the result of their work. This is the first question I saw,” said Putin.

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The theme of retribution and revenge specific odious figures from the 1990s, according to the head of the state, should appeal to the “common people” that will lead, if you start a business and processes to increase its popularity. The story of punishment over the 1990s as a variation of the well-known themes of “enemies of the people” has always been reserved when you need to dramatically increase Putin’s popularity rating in the absence of real achievements.

Second, the President positioned himself as the main and only leader left and the extreme left (from Grudinina accounts abroad). And, most importantly, Putin is ready to discuss the nationalization — is only testing the waters, but the conversation has already begun. But responding to the claims of the extreme left, the President said that the government “economists from the 90s no”, but Kudrin “moving toward Glazyev”. “There is no system of 90-ies,” — explained Putin.

The punishment for the 1990s, a revival of the theme of nationalization and flirting with far-left — that Putin is looking for resources to improve the rating. In the face of growing poverty and inability to solve economic problems in the Kremlin thereby hope to shift the focus of public sentiment.

In the reserve there is the issue of the militarization of information flow — “what for war?” The answer is reassuring. The President understands that the war scares people and that this tool should be left in the extreme case — if something with the image absolutely will go wrong.

Grigory Yavlinsky, politician

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