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A scandalous anthology “13 killers” will be re

Following the reissue in paperback of the anthology “13 witches” in the series “The scariest book” has a new main bestseller – the total circulation of “13 witches” was 5.5 thousand copies. With more than 2/3 of the circulation of the reissue is already sold. Have approved the reissue in the same format another anthology – “13 killers”.

This means that “13 witches” was never going to be a major bestseller series, because the General circulation “13 killers” will be along with the re-release already 6 thousand copies! It is possible that “soft maniacs” will be published later this 2017. It is possible that the book will be released with a new cover and – with age limit “18+” for adults.

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Recall that at the time of the publication of “13 killers” was associated with several scandals. First, at the stage of preparation for printing, freelance corrector of the publishing house protested, calling the contents of the book “immoral”. Then “good people” found in one of included in a book of short stories allusions to real figures in publishing (in fact, talking about completely random coincidences). Then a few bookstores in Moscow “13 killers” was withdrawn from sale – supposedly all the same “immorality.”

However, in the end the edition was sold out, and the book noted by the critics and readers.

Official abstract:

13 authors.
13 short stories and novels.
13 serial killers and maniacs.
The creators of the anthologies of the bestselling “the Puzzle” and “the worst book” present a new unique project — the collection, entirely devoted to perhaps the most terrifying topic of our time.
Writers working in the genre of “horror”, looked at your own risk into the bloody abyss of human madness — and ready to share with you those nightmares, which in this abyss saw.
Not for the faint of heart. Not for children. Not for pregnant women.
Be careful, reader. This book can drive you crazy.
Madness is contagious…

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