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A restart of the series “Scream” – details!

We’ve already talked about the restart of the series “Werewolf” (a.k.a. “The wolf”), but about the new version of another show from MTV “Scream” (Scream) no sound was heard in the spring. Meanwhile, the already known and the date of the premiere of the third season and the casting and plot details.

Recall that if the first season of “Scream” consisted of ten episodes and the second of the thirteen, in the third season is only six episodes. Plus a brand new story and new characters.

The premiere will be held in March 2018 and will be a sort of “special case” – to show you in the course of three evenings. The story spun around Deiona Elliot (Elliot Deion), the “stars” of the small town, whose tragic past comes back to haunt him at the most inopportune time, jeopardizing not only his plans for the future, but the lives of his friends.

The show will play the young rappers Tyga and C. J. Wallace – they will play, respectively, a half-brother and a friend of the hero.

Queen Latifah (so not for her the patronage of the “Scream” happened the dominance of young hip-Chopra?), Shakim Komper, Anli Artie are the Executive producers of the company Flavor Unit Entertainment. The show-run and another Executive producer will be Brett Matthews, with experience in this as in the “vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural.”

C. J. Wallace.

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