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A RAID in the Kiev night club: details from police

Облава в киевском ночном клубе: подробности от полицииPolice claim that the RAID was related to drug trafficking, not recruiting campaign.

Today, October 28, about two o’clock in the RAID of national police during a party in Jugendhub in Kiev, the representatives of the military enlistment office forcibly took 10 people. The details of the hard raids and versions of what happened according to the owners Jugendhub and eyewitnesses said the brother of the people’s Deputy from BPP Mustafa Niese – Masi Nayem on his page in Facebook.

According to Nayem, the lawyers will protect the visitors of the club.

“At 2:00 in the morning from two sides (from the front entrance and side courtyard which is fenced) rushed the men in uniform and the men in masks with guns. The documents had not been charged. Anyone. Indiscriminately put all the people on the floor. Configured was very determined, aggressive. After all put the search began. If someone moved, if they don’t like your opinion or something similar, the police immediately resorted to the power of (the visitors were beaten berets in the stomach, in the back, threatened with a weapon, some went with rifle butts in the face)”, he said.

According to him, after the first 5 minutes of calm the men who were wearing masks, went to the club with drinks that are found in the club.

Additionally, the masked men also ransacked and in neighboring areas, which were in this building.

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Облава в киевском ночном клубе: подробности от полиции

“As you fill from the club drove away clogged buses – some went to the military enlistment office, some on Herzen, 9. Police had 50 people. Once the ranks of those who are illegally searched, the police began to make a club in the truest sense of the word. The first thing that was done was taken all the cell phones, then started taking out bags of clothes, after they inspect all bags and pulled out the equipment (2 laptops, 1 tablet and the camera Alex gots),” Masi said Nye.

He added that now many even in the military. “There’ve been 3 nights. students released, and the rest require a physical examination and take the agenda on hand. output tightly are soldiers to leave, they need to push apart, threaten what they will regard it as an attack,” added the activist.

He also painted the plan of action:

1) lawyers are gathering information and preparing documents. The evening will file relevant statements on a criminal case.

2) on Monday, if there is no response of the National police – we will begin to act more aggressively, but within the law.

3) Everyone has broken, taken away, illegally searched, please write me a mail full name; passport series, number, registration, telephone

Based on this, the activists will submit the application to the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada on human rights.

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According to user Facebook of Ilgamom Hasanov, ten young people sitting in the barracks. He suggested that the military closes the quota for the call for the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

The police, however, said his version of the incident. Allegedly, the RAID was related to drug trafficking.

Облава в киевском ночном клубе: подробности от полиции

“Night institution began work in July 2017. Since the inhabitants of the surrounding houses began to complain that the club go to minors and drunk College students. Some visitors admitted that they bought drugs at the club. On this fact opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 317 of the Criminal code.

On the night of 28 October, the club had about 200 people aged 15-25 years. Police arrested 17 people with drugs, among them – 20-year-old bartender and a 30-year-old man with lots of money” , – stated in the message of the police.

11 juveniles referred to parents, which adminprotokoly for willful failure to perform parental obligations (article 184 of the Cao).

Облава в киевском ночном клубе: подробности от полиции

According to police identified 32 persons who evade conscription, they were taken to the Assembly point recruits of Kiev.

During the search they also found that the club is operating without permits and is in disrepair. In the room violated the fire safety regulations, there is no means to extinguish fires and not working toilets.

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