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A prequel to “Alien: the Covenant” will be released in book form

In April, the Area of Horror wrote about the fact that simultaneously with the premiere of the film “Alien: Testament” on the shelves, it was his official novelization from renowned craft writer Dean foster. Now became known the details of the plot of the next book in the series, and she will tell you that a movie is not shown.

The novel, entitled “Alien: Testament — the Beginning” (Alien: Covenant – Origins), tells of what happened between the events of the recent tapes and previously released “Prometheus”. But do not rush to conclusions — but this book is not about, as archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and Android David went to the planet of Engineers. What, then, will it?

Only recently, the publisher has revealed the synopsis of the novel:

Colonial ship “Covenant” preparing to start, go through the final selection of the crew. At this time there is a series of attacks, it becomes clear that there is a conspiracy aimed to sabotage the launch. The perpetrators remain unknown. Trouble comes to the Hideo Yutani, the head of the newly created Corporation “weyland-Yutani”. The conspirators kidnapped his daughter.
Whether a simple corporate spying, or there’s something even more sinister?
While captain Jacob Branson and his wife, Daniels prepared the ship security chief Deng Loup accepts a key member of his team and together they aim to stop technologically equipped saboteurs, before anyone else dies, and the ship will be destroyed in orbit.

Batch like good. Secrets, conspiracies and other action-Packed pieces. But it looks like no impact on the story shown by Ridley Scott, this book will not have. And no Stranger, most likely, and this is strange, because his name will appear on the cover.

The name, however, can still change, because not so long ago the novel was known as Alien: Covenant 2 — The Official Prequel to the Blockbuster Film, and later as Alien: Origins.

Well, anyway, the character, played by James Franco, will lead to bigger things, at least.

The release of the book scheduled for September 26, 2017. Concerning the publication “of Another: Testament — the Beginning” in Russian is unheard of, but in the original novel can be ordered now.

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