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A new virus has made the memory card a threat to Android smartphones

Новый вирус сделал карты памяти опасными для Android-смартфоновBe careful when installing programs to expand the memory capacity of the MicroSD cards – they are a threat to the security of the smartphone.

On Android is infected with a virus that spreads and infects smartphones via memory card format MicroSD. The vulnerability, discovered by researchers from Check Point, called man-in-the-disk.

The virus exploits a vulnerability to insufficient security applications that are installed on the memory card, and obtains thus the ability to manipulate their data.

Getting on the device, man-in-the-disk disguised as a normal application and recommends the user to place it on the memory card. After installation, the virus gets access to the data on the external drive and can do with them anything you want, for example, to change the login page in the banking app on the fake or to install the scanner, a recording and send it to the background information on all user actions.

The most reliable way to avoid infection is to disable the installation of apps from sources other than Google Play.

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