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A new trailer already INSIDE

Spanish remake of the French Shocker “Inside” got an English trailer. Sounds a bit confusing, isn’t it? In fact this film was originally filmed in English with the participation of Hollywood Actresses and actors.

Starring Rachel Nichols (“Parking”, “I, Alex Cross”) and Laura Harring (“Willard”, “Son of a Ghost”), directed by Miguel angel vivas (“Capture”, “Extinction”), and the script navayal Jaume Balaguero and Manu Diez (franchise “Report”). Apparently, this scenario is not very different from the story told in the original picture 2007:

Becoming the cause of a car accident, Sarah lost her husband. Now her whole life is dedicated to the child she should give birth soon. However, each time falling asleep, she plunges into a nightmare that will soon become a reality for her, but far more terrible.

The film was shot last year, then, in October, it premiered at the festival in Sitges. Since then, the film wanders through various fests, but on wide release in the US or anywhere else is not yet mentioned.

Interestingly, the duration of the remake is 100 minutes – almost 20 minutes longer than the original lasted.

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