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A new scheme of waste management: Moscow garbage goes to the neighbors

Новая схема обращения с отходами: московский мусор едет к соседям

A new scheme of waste management, developed by the Metropolitan government affects the interests of more than 9 million people living on the territory of Moscow, Kaluga and Vladimir regions. Violates environmental safety of the entire area of 100 thousand sq. km. and will lead to growth of social tension in the region.

Lyudmila Butuzova

Moscow authorities decided, in what regions and in what amounts in the period from 2020 to 2029 will be disposed of the trash. The project can be seen on the website of the municipality. “Novye Izvestia” have studied the scheme: where, to whom and how much.



Object name /Location/ Type is Powerful. (thousand tons per year)

1.Ekotekhnopark der. Mihaly Kaluga. region: processing 1000, the burial 1563

2. OOO”Ecoline” Dolgoprudny processing 220

3.Logistik, OOO Podolsk R-n, POS. Small: treatment 39

4.KPO “East” G. O. Yegoryevsk der. Potselueva: processing 500 500 burial

5.KPO Khrabrovo village.Khrabrovo treatment disposal 450 450

6.KPO “Aleksin quarry” der. Yasenevo: treatment disposal 450 450

7.KPO “Northern” der. Shemetovo: treatment disposal 450 450

8.KPO “don” G. O. Kashira der.Maloye Il’inskoye: processing 300 300 burial

9.KPO “South”, Kolomna O. S. Myachkovo: processing 300 300 burial

10.KPO “Progress” G. Roshal: treatment disposal 350 350

11.KPO “Splender” Silver-prudskikh borough, village. Anino: burial 130

12.Vladimir region: no data

Total: just over ten years in the Moscow region is planned to take about 34 million tons of garbage in Kaluga during the same period, 15 million tons.

At issue,according to “Novye Izvestia”, is not only Lies, but Vladimir oblast.Territorial scheme of waste management on the territory of Vladimir region does not provide for the importation of waste from neighbouring regions, including Moscow , confirmed “NO” in the regional administration, denying rumours about the existence of such agreements. This is indicated by the lack of data in the draft territorial plans of Moscow.

“They broke sipyagina, but he is adamant not to let in the area of capital’s garbage – said our source in the Vladimir government. – Any other interaction on this issue is possible only in the framework of additional agreements, at present, such agreements no.”

In ten years, Moscow had planned to bring in Vladimir oblast, about 9 million tons, in the new 2020 planned supply of 666 thousand tons of waste in Kiev.

Where, on which polygons’m gonna push them and nine million a lot of waste if Vladimir oblast will be rested – the big question. Most likely Moscow will go towards the expansion of the existing, crowded and semi-closed disposal sites in the suburbs. That, in fact, follows from a new project its territorial scheme. We will remind, in the beginning of this year in Moscow region there were 23 ongoing and closed, but not started reclamation landfill. By the end of the year, at least 10 of them have expanded the available space and in 3-5-10 years to extend their service life.

In particular, the landfill “Alexin quarry” near the Wedge is opened in the 90-ies the working plan is only 20 years, its area was 20 ha. However, instead of closing its area increased to 12 hectares, and discussed the possibility of accession to almost 40 hectares of land with the extension of the operation until 2030.Obsolete landfill “Egor” in its place planned to create a green recreational area. Instead, the village will grow Pocelueva the complex waste management of 500 thousand tons per year and the landfill of the same capacity.

A few dumps – “Sound”, “Forest”, “torbeyevo – in recent years significantly increased its area. Despite the complaints and protests of local residents, their work was extended indefinitely. Anyway, talking about the closure in 2020 does not go. New tershana waste management, invented in the Metropolitan government, relying on the same old power, because the new in the Moscow region has not yet appeared. Four waste incineration plant in Naro-Fominsk, Solnechnogorsk, Noginsk and Voskresensk, which plans to build a subsidiary of Rostech “RT-invest” will earn (if open!) until 2022.

Member-Board of Trustees organization “Public ecological control of Russia” Ruben Melkonyan recalls: the total volume of accumulated waste in the Moscow region exceeded 120 million tons a year and continues to grow.Annually in the capital are formed, according to various estimates, up to 7.2 million tons of MSW and about 6.1 million tons of industrial waste, at the same time, the processing is subject to only their tenth part. Moscow literally suffocating in a garbage vise, – said Melkonyan.- But the Moscow region has almost exhausted its possibilities for the disposal of garbage. In the region there are only four waste sorting facilities with a total processing capacity of 290 thousand tons. It accounts for less than 5% of the amount entering the landfill.

What is the prognosis? With the new draft telchemy or without him in the coming years the suburbs will fill up the debris completely. Even despite the fact that the Moscow authorities have agreed with the Moscow region is three times smaller volume of export of the capital’s waste. “After a brutal haggling we agreed on 3.4 million tons to 10-12 million tons in previous years”, – said the representative of the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Moscow region. Thus, for ten years in the area will be removed about 34 million tonnes.

But! Draft telchemy is only due to the debris that accumulates in the capital and does not take into account what volume of waste will arise as a result of the renovation.

According to experts, the beginning of the massive demolition of five-story building of Moscow daily have to take longer 9.5 tons of the BWC, and three times more. Then goes to hell and all agreements with the region, and advances capital with intractable regions. So it is better a bad peace than the aggressive approach. One of the first it seems to have realized the Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov, praising your Ekotekhnopark one and a half million tons of garbage in Moscow: “We have decided to offer Moscow to create modern and safe production, which would allow to solve the problem of waste disposal for the capital and we’d have a good investment project with a lot of attractive jobs and a good tax base”.

However, such acquiescence does not explain where will the debris from the renovation? But you stop this factor total restructuring and compaction of Moscow – the big question. After all, the interests of the construction sector in the capital is always higher common sense and the interests of Russian citizens.

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