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A new mutation of the “color revolutions”

Новая мутация «цветных революций»

American domination in Puerto Rico lasts 120 years. It would seem that tropical island drew the lucky ticket of destiny in the nineteenth century. Decrepit Spanish metropolis lost a few colonies in the Caribbean sea without a fight – but Puerto Rico came under the direct control of the new liberal Empire, democratic and progressive.

On the island was organized by the bicameral Parliament in the image of Congress. Behind him copied the judicial, social, tax, and other system-wide basis for long-term prosperity. More than 100 years ago, banned large estates, at that time the Foundation of the island economy was the cultivation of sugar cane. Then you enter the duty-free trade with the largest economy in the New world.

Puerto Rico got a strong guarantee from any of the revolutions and encroachments of foreign aggression – in the form of American garrisons, military bases and branches of exceptional intelligence. English and Spanish have the public status, linguistic conflict, and even more language restrictions were not observed never.

In 1917 Puerto Ricans received American citizenship and the right to fight in the U.S. Army. The possibility of free exit and lawful residence in the United States appeared only in the mid-twentieth century, which was used by millions of islanders.

Because for 70 years the average income of Puerto Rican is only a third of middle-income Americans. On the island of organized modern industry, especially pharmaceutical. Tourism flourished, there was the subway and the ports of aerogauge roads, hotels, universities and resorts. Dozens of times have held free elections – but the material break with the mother country continues to persist and even increase. For 70 years, Puerto Ricans elect a Governor, senators, congressmen, local governments and consistently vote for full membership in the United States.

But instead I get the Washington Commission for the beheading of expenses, increase of taxes and the overthrow of unwanted governors.

In July, 2019 in Puerto Rico was an explosion of popular indignation, a remarkable nimble and precise control of the blast.

Full XXI century, the island is experiencing a growing financial burden. Roughly speaking, the cost of the island significantly prevail over income – which is typical of the credit-economic model of the United States. But Puerto Rico was not incorporated in their composition and has become a platform of experiment to deal with the debt burden without the inclusion of the dollar machine.

In 2016 the government of Puerto Rico once again declared bankruptcy – i.e., there was no money even to service the debt of 72 billion dollars. The condition of critical infrastructure and equipment continued to deteriorate, qualified personnel flowed and leaked in the continental United States.

Every citizen owes foreign creditors about 20,000 $. This is three times lower than the us rate – but fill the island’s problems, the dollar flow has not elected the previous White house administration.

The newly elected Governor Ricardo Rosello January 2017 embarked on a vigorous request to take Puerto Rico to balance the US Federal budget. Has taken a number of measures to stimulate domestic production, reduce taxation, fiscal imbalances, bloated bureaucracy and social tensions. But suffered a fatal setback and become a victim of tropical Maidan.

MADA-President of the United States to the island appointed a Committee PROMESA (established under U.S. law, Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, signed by Barack Obama in 2016) with wide powers. The Commission was headed by a certain Natalia Yaresko, the head of the Ukrainian Finance Ministry in 2014-2016, author of “wonderful” restructuring the state debt of Ukraine. And associated gross violations of local laws, strictly prohibits dual citizenship for American citizenship of reformatory for the entire period of Ukrainian business trips is not affected.

In July 2017 PROMESA started to work and in August gave the recipe of rescue of Puerto Rico- composed of the General recommendations of the IMF. Cuts in social benefits, reduction of wages of civil servants, expenditure on education, medical care, pensions and other luxuries.

According to bitter wisdom,”Misfortune never comes alone” in September 2017 in Puerto Rico was hit by hurricane “Maria”. The island was completely disconnected, half of the roads blocked, with remote areas for a week lost telephone connection – not to mention transport. Hurricane has not been eliminated to this day, but they could not be eliminated due to the destructive vortices from PROMESA.

Two years of crisis management have led to a massive increase in the level of poverty in Puerto Rico to a value of 50 %. For the first time during the entire term demographic observations the population of the island has decreased from 3.5 to 3.1 million. They literally blew a hurricane “Natalia” – which has no seasonal preference, pulls out from the most sturdy of shelters and raging exclusively in Puerto Rico.

Budget project for the year 2020 from PROMESA provides for a reduction in pensions from 40 % of the population elderly, disabled and other persons who did not fit into the progressive reforms. Savings would on everything and hope for the best sometime later.

1 July 2019 against the backdrop of massive discontent PROMESA in General and Ms. Jaresko in particular, the Governor of Puerto Rico announced its intention to sue the financial junta.

8 July 2019 quite “accidentally” became known, the confidential correspondence of the Governor of Rosello in a private chat room Telegram, absolutely reliable messenger reaffirmed his reputation. Of course, no one is outraged by hacker insinuation in overseas chats and hostile interference in the results of free elections.

The island Governor has disclosed the possession of offensive language and questionable jokes about political opponents, about the Commission Yaresko, the transgender and LGBT communities.

Puerto Rico independence began with music and dancing, with active bubbling in social networks and on the streets. But not against the cannibalistic “reform” administrators PROMESA, and for the resignation of a democratically elected Governor. More precisely, up to half a million demonstrators demanded the victory of the “Two in one!” – down and not the Governor, and ohamevshego financial junta.

For half-victories took three weeks. 2 August discredited Governor of Puerto Rico resigns. Commission on cost optimization, and population of the island retains its powers increased volume. Kicking out elected head of the experimental areas, and a formal activity of antagonists PROMESA.

Dashing turn tropical Maidana deserves careful study as a further mutation of the “color revolutions” – are relevant not only for semi-colonies of the United States.

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