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A contest for the best horror audio story!

Hallow hallow! Radio Go and our friends, the largest VK community dedicated to the “dark” literature, the DARKNESS. Empire Horror decided this time to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Halloween and announce the start of the COMPETITION FOR the BEST AUDIO HORROR STORY!

So, until OCTOBER 29, 23:59 (GMT) anyone wishing to take part in our competition must send their audiorate a personal message to one of the organizers of the project Elisha Bondarchuk.

WORK REQUIREMENTS: history must be recorded in mp3, maximum duration is 10 minutes, the recording must be clear and distinct. Background music is encouraged.

Here you can listen to samples. If in doubt about the quality of the recording, can record minute excerpt and send it to Elisha for review. You can select ANY work for reading, whether for its own sinister Ghost story or a juicy excerpt from Lovecraft. The main thing — at the beginning of the recording you should say “I [your name], I want to participate in the competition Go and the Darkness”. This insert will then be removed when playing in the air, it is necessary to identify the reader.

WHAT happens NEXT: at the end of the deadline, we will adlucem the submitted works and select those that meet the requirements above and will be directly in the Radio Go, 31 OCTOBER AT 22:00. There will be a special radio project, which your horror stories will be heard alternately with the special Halloween themed soundtrack. Well, after we will adlucem all the works by an independent jury (the organizers from both Go and “Darkness”) will be selected the winners!!!

EVALUATION CRITERIA: in the first place — the story itself and its presentation. The technical side and additional sound effects can also bring you extra points.


1st place: fresh folio Gerald Brom “the Lost gods”;

2-3 place: a masterpiece of Adam Neville “Ritual”.

I hope the rules are clear? Then we can start preparing, recording and sending their works — just a reminder that they need to send a personal message to Elisha Bondarchuk.

Good luck — and see you soon on the radio! Reposts will be grateful — suddenly among your friends found a wonderful story teller of creepy stories.

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