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A compilation of trailers at the 35th Brussels international festival of fantastic films

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Brussels international festival of fantastic film (Brussels International Fantastic FIlm Festival, BIFFF) is one of the oldest European festivals dedicated to the genres of science fiction, horror and Thriller, and although it traditionally is in March, this year it will be held from 4th to 16th April.

First event is interesting in that it really presents a wide variety of so-called local films – a rare genre works, published in different countries over the past year (or years). This year’s event was no exception, and some films from the official selection already came into the view of “Zone of terror”, for example, “Monolith” and “eater of children”. However, the festival programme is extensive, and this time we decided not to split the materials and make one big compilation of the most interesting trailers for movies that fall in the show. They turned out to be exactly ten, but if you have the desire, you can dig even – youtube-channel public, and anyone can find something to their liking.

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So, turn up the sound and turn off the light, we will journey through the world of international horror, interesting and worthy works from the series “straight though to the movies tomorrow” to the terrible trash!

“El bar” (Bar)

Country: Spain

Director: Alex De La Iglesia

Starring: Blanca Suarez, Mario Casas, Carmen machi

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A few people at the bar were witness to the murder of a man on the street. However, after this nothing happened next was not police, nor doctors, the TV ignored the incident and passers-by as if forcibly evacuated. Now visitors will find out what is happening around them in reality.

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