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A bloody skirmish in Kharkiv: new details

Кровавая перестрелка в Харькове: новые подробностиAfter the shooting in Kharkov dobrobiti tried to hide the gun in kindergarten.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that nine participants of the shooting in Kharkov after clashes tried to hide the gun in kindergarten.

The details of the shootout between dobrobatami he said on Facebook.

“If it is brief shameful about the incident last night last night in Kharkiv, with shooting on Alekseyevka detained nine “heroes” in camouflage running from the place marketplace showdown.. in kindergarten to hide weapons.. And more will report of the investigation into the Police.. I hope court”, – wrote Avakov.

He also condemned the shooting between dobrobatami. “Even if you’re a war hero, you can’t run on the residential areas of Kharkiv with a weapon and prove his “toughness”, – said Avakov.

He added that the Ministry would not tolerate on the streets of any alternative unit that assigns itself the right to regulate with the help of weapons, improvised Chevron or camo, “especially if they pay well, questionable personality”.

Recall that in the residential area of Alekseevka in Kharkov, there was a skirmish between the veterans of the battalion “Donbass” and members of “Shidny corps.”

During the night of the shooting in Kharkov, 45-year-old Igor Pushkarev, the driver of the company “Shidny body” (the organization of related “Azov”), received a very serious wound.

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