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7 unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Photo

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. ФотоEgypt – a country with a unique past.

Ancient Egypt remains one of the most mysterious civilizations of our planet.

The secret technology that was used to built the pyramids, not completely disclosed until now. The riddle of the Sphinx, the curse of Tutankhamen, the mysterious disappearance of Nefertiti — what other surprises the archaeologists to find in the hot desert Sands?

Strange shoes

Archaeologists found the shoes in the Luxor immediately became the subject of many academic battles. First, it is made of expensive leather animals, do not occur in Egypt, i.e., was owned by wealthy foreigners. Second, seven pairs of shoes (and apparently the shoes really reminds modern men’s shoes) for some reason, was carefully Packed into a clay jar.

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

The Statue Haru

In the Egyptian Museum holds the enigmatic statue of the Pharaoh Haru, carved from a single piece of black diorite, and polished to a mirror Shine. It is known that Haru belonged to the largest of the Giza pyramids. And yet we know that in those days grind hard diorite stone and copper tools was simply impossible. Where then did this statue?

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

Hot stones

An international group of scientists last year launched a project infrared scanning of the pyramids of Giza. The use of infrared thermography has revealed some very strange rocks located in the middle of the great pyramid. The fact that the temperature of three blocks of limestone is much higher than the temperature of the rest of the pyramid — like behind them is a room where the fire is burning. But as fire can burn three thousand years?

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

The Death Of Tutankhamun

Scientists are still arguing about the causes of death of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun. There are several major versions, from murder to the unknown science of the disease. In 2005, researchers conducted a CT scan of the mummy of the Pharaoh and received instead of answering a bunch of riddles. There’s a good chance that in the sarcophagus repose do not Tutankhamun.

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

The second Sphinx

The fragments of the second Sphinx (first installed at the pyramids in Giza) was almost accidentally discovered by a group of archaeologists in Northern Israel. Judging by the remains of hieroglyphics on the statue, creating it to Egyptian ruler mycerinus, the owner of the smallest of the Giza pyramids. But how the Sphinx got to Israel?

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

The lost pyramid

Currently, it is assumed that Giza was another pyramid. The owner is Djedefre, who became Pharaoh after Khufu. The mystery is that someone just took and cut a pyramid from the bottom and dragged her off to God knows where.

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

The Disappearance Of Nefertiti

Known throughout Egypt for its Egyptian beauty Queen Nefertiti was the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and was known as the Ruler of the Nile and Daughter of Gods. But in the twelfth year of Akhenaten’s reign, Nefertiti’s name disappears forever, as if it imposed the ban. Also, was never found and the mummy of the great Queen.

7 нераскрытых тайн Древнего Египта. Фото

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