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60 thousand people in the Luhansk region were left without water

60 тысяч человек на Луганщине остались без водыPeople protesting against cutting off Luhansk energy Association from the power supply.

In the Luhansk region about 60 thousand people were left without water. Reports a press about it-service of Lugansk regional military-civil administration on Wednesday, July 19.

“Without the centralized water supply are about 60 thousand consumers and more than 30 institutions of education and health”, – said the Deputy head of the Luhansk VOGUE Yury Klimenko.

According to human rights defenders, in protest Lisichansk blocked the road R-66, which is a road of regional significance and has a connection Lisichansk-the mountains are Lower, gold.

The reason for the overlap is a protest against the shutdown Luhansk energy Association of electricity supply objects of water supply and sanitation sector.

The protesters do not pass any cars. Lifeguards ensure the supply of industrial and drinking water to residents, as well as social objects of the region.

“The situation is difficult, especially in Rubizhne, where the disabled sewer pump station may soon lead to an emergency spill from the sewage,” – said Klimenko.

He instructed the city and chairmen of district state administrations, heads of enterprises of water supply and sanitation sector to provide absolute current calculations for the consumed electric energy in front of Leo.

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