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55-year-old husband of Liza Adamenko tore up her passport, and the model cannot leave the country

In the relations of the 55-year-old Valentina Ivanov and his 18-year-old wife Liza Adamenko passions. First, the Network got a letter from the owner, in which he accused the young wife of infidelity, and now the model wrote on her husband’s statement to the police, accused of assault and battery. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Adamenko, it all happened in new York where they, together with Valentin arrived to take part in the filming of the clip of the singer Rita Dakota. One night the couple decided to hold the club, where a man was jealous of Lisa and beaten. In the end the girl had the day to spend in the clinic.

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The girl wants to leave America, but can’t do it. During a fight in the club Ivanov tore up the passport of the wife, tearing from the document page with the us visa.

“I went to the Russian Embassy, they told me to recover the documents, I need a Russian passport. Unfortunately, he is now at my house, in Singapore, and I can’t go there. I have to ask friends to deliver it to me in the US. Only then I can go home and think about what to do next,” — said Adamenko in an interview

Let’s remind, Valentin Ivanov, who heads the Department of “LUKOIL” in Singapore, married model Liza Adamenko in June last year. According to rumors, the affair between the lovers before marriage lasted almost three years — that is, Ivanov began Dating a girl at the dawn of her modeling career when 13-year-old Lisa went from his native town of Kansk in Siberia.

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