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50 horror movies for Halloween – the list of James Gunn

We are only acquainted with the plans for the Halloween screening, shared Rob Zombie – now this recommendation drove and directed by James Gunn. This talented guy in the world appreciates for “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and we in particular – for the screenplays for the remake of “dawn of the dead” and the Thriller “Experiment “Office””.

And the list of Gunn gained five or as many as fifty horror movies. And basically there, of course, a cult classic, but there is also a “fresh” sort of “Green room” and “Off”. James commented:

If you are looking for something to watch this Halloween, I have a list of my favorites, sorted by preference. Of course, I do not include in the list of the movies in which he participated, such as “Slug”, “dawn of the dead” or “Experiment “Office””. You must look at first.
And once again, I stress that this is a list of my FAVORITE movies, that doesn’t always mean the BEST. They just liked me personally.

But, in fact, himself a top:

1. Jaws (Jaws), 1975

2. The Audition (Audition), 1999

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3. Invasion of the body Snatchers (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), 1978

4. Invasion of the dinosaur (The Host), 2006

5. Something (The Thing) 1982

6. The green room (Green Room), 2016

7. The Brood (The Brood), 1979

8. Rosemary’s baby (Rosemary’s Baby), 1968

9. The story of two sisters (A Tale of Two Sisters), 2004

10. Birds (The Birds), 1963

11. 28 days later (28 Days Later), 2003

12. Train to Busan (Train to Busan), 2016

13. House (House), 1977

14. Saw (Saw), 2004

15. Invasion of the body Snatchers (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), 1956

16. Night of the living dead (Night of the Living Dead), 1968

17. Aliens among us (They Live), 1988

18. Cloverfield (Cloverfield), 2008

19. Chronos (Cronos), 1993

20. Piranha 3D (Piranha 3D), 2010

21. Peeping Tom (Peeping Tom), 1960

22. The night of the hunter (The Night of The Hunter), 1955

23. The Mist (The Mist), 2007

24. Dead alive (the Dead Alive), 1992

25. A zombie named Sean (Shaun of the Dead), 2004

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26. Funny games (Funny Games), 1997

27. Troll hunters (Troll Hunter), 2011

28. Evil dead 2 (Evil Dead II), 1987

29. The Shining (The Shining), 1980

30. The Descent (The Descent), 2005

31. Witches (Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages), 1929

32. The sixth sense (The Sixth Sense), 1999

33. Strangers (Aliens), 1986

34. The bride of Frankenstein (Bride of Frankenstein), 1935

35. Martin (Martin), 1977

36. Near dark (Near Dark), 1987

37. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein), 1948

38. Suspiria (Suspiria), 1977

39. Welcome to Zombilend (Zombieland), 2009

40. King Kong (King Kong), 1933

41. Away (Get Out), 2017

42. Scream (Scream), 1996

43. Love the undertaker (Cemetery Man), 1996

44. Convulsions (Shivers), 1975

45. Carrie (Carrie), 1976

46. The basket case (Basket Case), 1982

47. The BLOB (The Blob) 1988

48. Alien (Alien), 1979

49. Mukha (The Fly), 1986

50. The Faculty (The Faculty), 1998

Confess, how many movies from the list have you watched?

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