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32 ideas for (almost) invisible tattoos

My dream is to get a tattoo, but I’m afraid that the picture may get bored with you? Then a new trend you certainly will like. Invisible tattoo looks as neutral as possible, not evident, and it can always be overridden. Experienced tattoo artist told SPLETNIK.RU about all the intricacies of the new trend.

Invisible tattoo is another trend that is born in the vast Instagram. Girls around the world adorn their wrists, fingers, ankles, ribs and even the ears are translucent white, often small, images. Painted can be anything from the usual miniature dots and mini hearts to compound patterns, inscriptions and Indian lace.

Tattoo artist Vasily Shkurin told about the technology of these images.

Such tattoos are applied either white or fluorescent paint, glowing in UV light. If the white paint can still be seen after healing, fluorescense dye may be colorless and completely invisible.

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The technology of applying the tattoo paint white color is the equivalent of running black figure, but there is one caveat: the paint consists of larger particles and thicker in consistency. First, the master draws or prints a sketch that moves the pattern on the skin with a transfer and the transfer of the gel, then using the tattoo machine drawing applied to the skin. When applying tattoos using a transparent fluorescent paint is applied the UV lamp.

White dye is injected deeper than the black and color, so the procedure can be more painful. Despite the insertion depth of the pigment, over time, the images under the action of the sun and other external factors can pale or even yellow. Therefore, to adjust this tattoo will need more often (the frequency depends on genetics, the update rate of the epidermis, medication, frequency of visits to the Solarium and type of pigment).

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Masters are advised to choose images with clear boundaries (for example, ornaments). And the invisible tattoos are more suitable for dark-skinned girls, than “Whitey”. There are numerous accounts for inspiration, here is one of them.

Do you like an invisible tattoo?

Yes, looks very originalname, if we do a tattoo, then black or Tsvetnaya generally not a fan of the drawings on the body

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