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32 ideas for (almost) invisible tattoos

My dream is to get a tattoo, but I’m afraid that the picture may get bored with you? Then a new trend you certainly will like. Invisible tattoo looks as neutral as possible, not evident, and it can always be overridden. Experienced tattoo artist told SPLETNIK.RU about all the intricacies …

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Ridiculous tattoos that will make you laugh

The tattoos are the hit of our time. We offer to your attention a fun a fun selection of tattoo which will not leave indifferent.In recent years the tattoo is becoming increasingly popular in society. A good tattoo can be akin to a work of art. That’s just not always …

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Ultra-realistic 3D tattoos. Photo

They are able to deceive the eyesight. In today’s world a tattoo is no surprise. But the three-dimensional tattoo is the most modern approach to the art of wearable pattern that combines artistic aspect and optical illusion. Such illusions make the audience believe in what he sees, but that really …

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Unusual art: tattoos on sculptures. Photo

Italian painter fills his classic sculptures, tattoosHave you ever wondered what would famous classical marble sculpture. “Tattoo artist” who’s behind this Italian artist Fabio Viale, who wants to show us a new way to look at the old and familiar. The artist is decorated with famous sculptures realistic tattoos, inspired …

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