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11-time world champion from Canada Lapointe were caught doping.

11-кратная чемпионка мира из Канады Лапуант попалась на допинге.

Its all support. She’s not from Russia.

Doping is a delicate matter. It caught not only the desperate athletes who want to achieve the desired result, but has long been titled athletes. And here is a new story.

11-кратная чемпионка мира из Канады Лапуант попалась на допинге.

Canadian canoisti Laurence Vincent-Lapointe in 27 years, have 11-time world champion and winner of the pan American games.

The girl started to compete in 18 years still remains unbeaten.

Vincent-Lapointe has even waited for the inclusion in the Olympic programme of the competition canoists, and now this. But it’s okay. To Tokyo for a year. Now it’s a shame that all happened before the world Championships in Hungary (21 Aug. — Sport24).

11-кратная чемпионка мира из Канады Лапуант попалась на допинге.

International canoe Federation (ICF) found in the doping test of the Canadians an unknown substance. Until the end of the investigation, Kanishka will not be able to compete.

“We are very disappointed that it all happened on the eve of the most important events of the year. The rights of the athlete must be respected, so we won’t comment until the investigation is complete”, — said the General Secretary of the ICF Simon Toolson.

Vincent-Lapointe shocked by the fact that the test was positive. The girl immediately made an official statement on the website of the Canadian Federation (CKC).

“It’s like a nightmare. I still can’t believe what happened. I would never risk his name, reputation, or career, to improve the results. After I found out about my positive test a few days ago, did everything possible with the support of the CKC to determine the source of a prohibited substance that was detected in my sample, so I can prove my innocence. I am an honest man, and any form of cheating disgust me”, — said the athlete.

The Federation now finds out how thepresence could be ingested Vincent-Lapointe and, judging by the statements, try to be as open as possible in front of the fans.

“CKC believes in clean sport and fully supports Lawrence in this difficult situation. We have good reason to believe that the athlete has taken all the necessary precautions from the point of view of anti-doping and did not take prohibited substance deliberately. We will do everything we can to help her prove his innocence”, — said General Director of CKC Casey Wade.

11-кратная чемпионка мира из Канады Лапуант попалась на допинге.GGeneral Director CKC Casey Wade.

The situation is unpleasant and a serious blow to the reputation of Canadians. According to the statements of Vincent-Lapointe and it’s not like she lied so convincingly. But her support, the Russians would have mixed with dirt due to poor credit history.

And while there is an investigation, that no one is to blame. Still really hard to imagine that such athletes have the need to use doping to improve their results. And the more risk the long-awaited Olympics.

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