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1000 games in the knowledge base Zone of Horror

Multiplayer arena first person shooter Quake: Champions became strong on account of the game that we have added to our knowledge base.

Yes, you read that right, now in the Area of Horror you can find details (and more screenshots, videos, news, passing, etc.) about a thousand good games. At first glance it’s not much, especially when you consider that our website already quite in the foreseeable future will turn ten years old. But we must bear in mind that we all these did not pay particularly special attention. The situation began to change in the expiring 2017 when around the memory rallied the team good authors and administrators have had time to begin to systematically develop the sections that require this. So the thousand is, I hope, “begun is half done”.

And indeed, perhaps, in the Runet there are not many sites of horror, having such a database, so in this sense we are, if not the first (I haven’t checked), then one of the first. Of course, we have the database collected not only a terrible game, but bloody, action and RPG with monsters, horror quests and just unusual original Gama. In the future this collection will continue to grow.

Later we will make certain end of 2017 for the various sections of our website, including and give detailed statistics, and talk about more General plans. Meantime, enjoy the next single line. And don’t forget to look in our database of games!

1000 games here

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