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Humber College

Humber College – one of the most famous polytechnic colleges in Canada. The employment rate is 94.3% – the best rate in Toronto and Canada at all. Infostudy-Canada brings all the information about admission, studying and employment programs after receiving a bachelor’s diploma. Studying programs Humber College provides four studying …

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Ukraine the third day, updates the record COVID

In recent days found 1847 new infections, 33 patients with the coronavirus has died. In Ukraine, as of Saturday morning, August 15, recorded almost 90 thousand cases of coronavirus disease, the increase in new cases in recent days amounted to a new record – 1847. It follows from the data …

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Civil war

“Today we hold in our hands the future of independent Belarus. The country we will not give up…” Alexander Lukashenko, 04.08.2020 CEC Chairman of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on the evening of 9 August 2020, announced the victory of A. Lukashenko at the presidential election of 2020: for A. Lukashenko – …

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There are no extra people

In our country, the disabled and pensioners why it is considered a burden on the neck of the state. Meanwhile, in other countries, on the one disabled person an average of three social workers. The economy of these countries from such a load is not lame. Why is this happening? …

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Before the end of the Empire

As in 1989, people do not want sausage, and freedom   Boring power, the massive desire for change and demanding opportunity for citizens to influence events in the country, combined with a post-trust TV — that’s exactly what we’ve already seen three decades ago. This was followed by the loss …

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Portrait of a jingoistic patriots. Five signs

Hello dear members and visitors of the channel! Today we will talk about the phenomenon of “leavened” patriotism and make a portrait of a typical Jingo, using five signs, which clearly describes this character. What is this “leaven”, or jingoism? Wikipedia gives the definition: Jingoistic patriotism (lapotnaya patriotism, jingoism) – …

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We never dreamed of! As in Japan, are people with disabilities

Russian tourists coming to Japan, the impression that people with disabilities are a great many – and all because for them ideal conditions. Russian scientist Vladimir Belousov, living in Japan, continues to acquaint the readers of his blog with the life of this country. This time from the coronavirus he …

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