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Why Khabarovsk will be the beginning of the end

In Russia, public protests often mean not that they are credited with Two days of meetings in Khabarovsk, which occurred at the weekend, has turned into a major political event, forcing to forget the fate of the arrested Governor of the region Sergey Furgala. The fact that the streets of …

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You just look at him!

In December last year, the city welcomed a new Vice-Gubernator, who was previously the CEO of LSR, and after decided to do in our land transport business. At what point man of the developers have stepped on this path is unclear, but earlier he held the post of transport Minister …

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Sobchak stands up for accused of assaulting Lobkova

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak stood up for the journalist Pavel Lobkov, accused of sexual harassment. In the Telegram channel, she said she believes the ongoing hypocrisy, because, according to her, everyone always knew that pubic hair jokes, and was not harassed. He also advocated a General right joke for any …

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Металлургический сектор

Металлургический сектор является одной из наиболее важных отраслей в перерабатывающей промышленности в России. При этом российская металлургия находится на высоком уровне по сравнению с мировой, потому что это одна из самых современных отраслей этого сектора в Европе. Благодаря этому наша страна находится на переднем крае, когда речь идет о качестве …

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Relation of Russians to flight attendants

Most Russians prefer travelling to the plane they served women and are loyal to the demands of the crew. This became known from the study of online service OneTwoTrip, RIA Novosti reported. So, the survey found that flight attendants like the 68 percent of passengers, and flight attendants — 32 …

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The US budget deficit has updated the record

In annual terms the budget deficit of the United States increased a hundred fold and continues to increase. By the end of June, the budget deficit rose to a record $864 billion, according to the Finance Ministry. A year ago the deficit was only $8,477 billion. A huge deficit due …

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Migrants defeated the Amur gas processing plant

  Demanding higher wages and benefits for the three months quarantine migrants destroyed the office of a Contracting company Renaissance Heavy Industries. The mayhem captured on video. To pacify the builders had the soldiers of Regardie, in the end, the instigators, as explained in the press center of the Amur …

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Food Corporation guarantees poor health

The documentary film “What is health”, showed that life and health are irrelevant, and even threaten the profits of meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Very difficult to believe in the corporate contempt, disclosed this movie. This movie also showed that our “dear” Supervisory Agency, as a non-profit, and government, take …

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