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The misery of Soviet fast food

Can surprised, if you think about how many good and useful things (which is now) did not exist in the scoop. For example — in the USSR there weren’t such thing as fast food — though the idea of a snack in the middle of the working day for the …

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Regions are dying. What can they be saved?

After 10 years, 90% of Belarus’s population will live in cities. This means that the regions, already experiencing socio-economic difficulties, will continue to die. To reverse the trend of a new regional policy, promoting small business development and migration organizations that act as centers of attraction for young people, economists …

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Why do Armenians not want to live at home

Last week Armenian writer Levon Khechoyan, of which for literary achievement, President Serzh Sargsyan awarded the medal “For merits before Fatherland” II degree, declined the honour. His action, the writer explained, in particular, being unable to accept the medal, “when emigration to a country reaches such a degree”. The theme …

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Ataman Dalida “gave the cock”

  Many of you know such a colloquial expression as “gave the cock”. In the public understanding of it may mean — to make a mistake, to miscalculate, to wind up loose ends, make a blunder.   Initially the expression “gave the cock” were among musicians and singers. All probably …

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New shocking details of the case “Network”

“Meduza” 21 Feb published new material on the case “Network”, this time she did not meet and did not put the defendants in the case innocent. New data from close to the involved people rolling around with them in the same circles and knew enough detail about all their Affairs. …

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The Cossacks did not understand the humor of Ivan Urgant

TV presenter Ivan Urgant laughed at Cossack patrols, which has put a barrier coronavirus. Formerly the Ural ataman Gennady Kovalev said that the Cossacks will patrol the neighborhood Seven keys due to the outbreak of the disease.   “Doctors cannot cope, Cossacks on horseback approaching. Their Bacillus lacking upstairs, they’re …

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Start-up of new railway routes to the Crimea

The company “Grand Service Express” (the GSE), which trains with the end of 2019 go from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Crimea via a bridge across the Kerch Strait, in April 2020, will launch new routes from cities in mainland Russia to the Peninsula. In April of the train …

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