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The Soviet childhood, which was not

So, friends — today will be a great and interesting post about Soviet childhood. I have already talked in detail about the household items of the Soviet childhood (be sure to read this post who have not seen yet) — but today I want to look at this issue from …

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How people were humiliated in the Soviet polyclinics

So, friends — today will be a great and interesting post about how people were humiliated in the Soviet polyclinics. I’ve written several posts about how to humiliate ordinary Soviet people faced in stores, queues and even in the registry office, and decided to write a separate blog post about …

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Little-known photos of the actual USSR

So, friends — today will be another post with photos of real life in USSR 1970-80s years — the same era that fans scoop called the “Golden age” — say, and the consequences of the devastating war has already overcome, but damn Gorbachev still not reached with his own hands …

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To disperse the Cossack party, the call of the Cossacks

  In 2012, our country has formed a new political force — the Cossack party of the Russian Federation (Kaprf). The cries “Lyubo!” the Cossacks elected as its Chairman the Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Sergey Bondarev — a person who a month ago was listed in the ranks …

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Chelyabinsk conscript, who escaped from the part in the TRANS-Baikal region, told about the beatings

Chelyabinsk soldiers Artur Khakimov, who escaped from the military unit in Transbaikalia, talked about physical violence during the service. This “URA.RU” said the human rights organization “Committee-the Council of Soldiers ‘Mothers of Russia”. Khakimov said that standing above him in rank, the soldier is periodically applied to it physical violence, …

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Appeal to the European court is considered treason Cossacks

  To consider filing a lawsuit at the ECHR against the state treason propose Cossacks. Gennady Kovalev, the Deputy of Council of Atamans of Russia, head of the Cossack Intelligence – such actions should be prosecuted criminally relevant documents we have prepared and soon he will be on the state …

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28 years without the USSR

Exactly 28 years ago, became the USSR in late December 1991, the Council of republics of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted the Declaration on the dissolution of the Soviet Union, thereby dissolving the Union and abolishing its government institutions. In place of the USSR was formed a number …

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A brief report on the conference “Stalin – 140”

Last weekend in Moscow hosted the international scientific conference “Stalin-140”, organized by the Moscow Committee of the CPSU-EIF with the support of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU. For the hypnotic mantras of acronyms hides a good job of specific people who were able to collect a decent list of …

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