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Dr. Komorowski told what to do by the bite of insects

How can the body respond. Reacting to insect bites, you should consider two possible situations. This famous doctor-pediatrician wrote in his Instagram. 1. Reaction – response to the effects of venom of a particular insect. 2. The person is allergic, i.e., hypersensitivity to one component of the venom of a …

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These products are harmful to eat in the morning

They can harm the stomach. First and foremost, experts on nutrition, not to eat in the morning, foods that cause stomach irritation. Dietitian Nadezhda Stepanova told about what products it is better not to eat for Breakfast. According to experts, in the morning to avoid food and drinks that may …

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Single people likely to develop mental illness

All of these people were participants of the national survey of mental health conducted in England. Discovered another negative side of loneliness – it gives people an increased tendency to develop mental illness. Single people are at increased risk of developing mental illness, this was stated by French scientists from …

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Identified root cause of premature death

They also made allowances for the age for people 35 to 84 years. American scientists from northwestern University have concluded that only the United States, a huge number of people suffering from heart failure. This disease is most of them develops on the background of obesity and diabetes. As a …

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Komorowski spoke about the rules of taking antibiotics

What is the main danger.Dr. Komarovsky told his parents about the rules of taking antibiotics. Published in a video on her Instagram page, the doctor reported, how often and when do I need to take medication and who should prescribe the medicines. A well-known pediatrician recently who told us about …

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Suprun told how to protect themselves from germs

How to wash hands. Acting Minister of health Suprun told the Ukrainians how to properly wash hands, and why most antiseptics do not always cope with the task. New post Suprun published in his Facebook account. “Ways of spreading the germs a lot. The most versatile and safe way to …

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