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These products are harmful to eat in the morning

Эти продукты вредно есть утромThey can harm the stomach.

First and foremost, experts on nutrition, not to eat in the morning, foods that cause stomach irritation.

Dietitian Nadezhda Stepanova told about what products it is better not to eat for Breakfast. According to experts, in the morning to avoid food and drinks that may harm the delicate mucosa of the stomach. For example, you can often hear the advice about eating in the morning water with lemon. But really, on an empty stomach it is strongly recommended not to drink any acidic drinks, otherwise you can provoke the development of gastric disorders, flatulence, heaviness and nausea.

Smoked and spicy food, orange juice, water with lemon – all of this you should not eat after you Wake up, emphasizes nutritionist. The neglect of this principle may lead to burns of the esophagus, chronic heartburn.

In addition, Stepanov advised not to eat for Breakfast dessert. Chocolate in the morning can dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood, and for its disposal to require the release of insulin in the body. Higher doses of insulin promote insulin resistance, and disrupt mechanisms of appetite, causing a person to feel hunger soon after eating. According to nutritionist, abandoning the sweet on an empty stomach, you can avoid unnecessary belly fat.

Also, according to Stepanova on an empty stomach you shouldn’t drink coffee in the morning. After its use aktiviziruyutsya the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which can lead to the development of erosions, able to develop into gastritis and ulcers.

The dietician stated that in the morning diet should include calcium and protein, the main food components for maintaining health.

“A proper Breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates, preferably cereals with milk, whole wheat bread, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and lean meat,” – said the expert.

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