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Dr. Komorowski told what to do by the bite of insects

Доктор Комаровский рассказал, что делать при укусе насекомыхHow can the body respond.

Reacting to insect bites, you should consider two possible situations.

This famous doctor-pediatrician wrote in his Instagram.

1. Reaction – response to the effects of venom of a particular insect.

2. The person is allergic, i.e., hypersensitivity to one component of the venom of a particular insect. In the second case, in addition, that is to say, a standard response, there are different degrees of severity of allergic local and General symptoms, sometimes extremely dangerous, up to anaphylactic shock.

In the absence of allergies – the situation is quite controllable, and not particularly dangerous. Immediately after the bite it is advisable to bite the place to put something cold in the future – anti-allergic ointment, inside – calcium gluconate, anti-allergic (antihistamines). Note that antiallergic ointments are based on vegetable preparations (for example, “fedex”), antihistamines, the most typical representative – “fenistil gel”, and on the basis of kortikosteroidnyh hormones hydrocortisone, prednisolone ointment, more modern and efficient: “advantan”, “elokom”.

Camping, don’t forget about security

What to use depends on the severity of local reactions. If severe swelling, itching – most likely hormonal ointments, if, about the mosquito bites – so fenistil gel is more than enough. I understand that in a civilized country it is not you have to decide what to put and what to give, and the doctor, but understand also how “easy” to find a doctor somewhere in the country a farm or in a tent camp on the beach – and the only reason I pronounce the name of the drug.

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