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These tips will help normalize blood pressure without pills at home

Эти советы помогут нормализовать давление без таблеток в домашних условиях Called five effective ways to reduce pressure.

High blood pressure often accompanies people who live in chronic stress and also have bad habits, irregular and unbalanced nutrition. Despite this, there are few who are surprised that hypertension happens in young people.

To reduce the pressure at home, you can use cold water. To do this, rinse feet approximately one to two minutes in a basin of cold water. This can be done sitting on a chair, placing her feet in a basin of water or standing in it. Alternatively you can hold under cold water several minutes (the water should uniformly affect the hands, from the palms and ending with the forearms). At the end of this procedure it is possible to sprinkle a face with cold water and apply moistened cloth to the solar plexus.

No less effective folk remedy is Apple cider vinegar, it is perfectly reduces the pressure of not less than twenty-five to thirty – five units. Soaked in vinegar rags must be applied to bare feet and leave for 15 minutes.

Also a fairly common remedy for pressure is regular tea with mint or a mixture of a glass of mineral water, a tablespoon of honey and juice of half a lemon. To drink water you need in one go. Pressure is reduced by 15-20 points for 20-30 minutes.

To reduce the high blood pressure can hot bath for hands. The water temperature should be about 45 degrees, the procedure time is 10 minutes.

With a sharp pressure drop in the first place you need to relax and try to hold your breath on the exhale for 8-10 seconds for 3 minutes. This technique can quickly relieve the pressure by 30 points.

If the pressure starts rising, you can drink Valerian and just lie down. But do not forget that frequent jumps in blood pressure can turn into a full-fledged hypertension, so you should not practice self-medication, and it is better to promptly seek the assistance of professionals. After all, it is the fault of hypertension in people happen a stroke and developing coronary heart disease.

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