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This product is extremely dangerous for pregnant women

Oxytocin can cause a number of negative consequences It is known that milk is good for health. But only if it has no hazardous impurities. Some manufacturers are trying to increase milk production from cattle using the products with steroids and hormone injections. For example, animals injected oxytocin, reports the …

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How to take the medication prior to the festive feast

Drugs and alcohol – a dangerous combination. In combination with certain medications a glass of wine at new year’s eve can turn from a festive attribute to the ticking time bomb. If you regularly or temporarily taking any medications, be sure to read the instructions in the paragraph about interaction …

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The doctors explained why people blush with alcohol

You need to drink in moderation. In the liver, alcohol first under the action of the enzyme alcoholdehydrogenase turns into a toxic substance, acetaldehyde. Then acetaldehyde, fortunately, with the help of another enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase, is converted into harmless acetic acid. Alas, not all he got from nature the ability …

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Scientists have invented a available patch of algae

American scientists have come up with a subject that aims to make the lives of diabetics easier. The basis of the patch is alginate – a substance extracted from brown algae. In order to make it, experts have mixed the patch with drugs, and cast in the form of microneedles. …

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Psychologists: meditation make people selfish

British psychologists claim that the increasingly popular practice of mindfulness meditation makes people more selfish. According to experts, such people are more likely to focus on themselves, forgetting about the others. She believes that as a result of meditation, many people begin to over-analyze your own life, why be a …

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Found a powerful substance for the treatment of tuberculosis

Scientists have discovered a new substance which can be used to affect the tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a infectious disease usually affecting the lungs. He is the second after malaria, the most deadly infectious disease caused by one bacterium, the number of victims among the inhabitants of our planet. In search …

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Restless leg syndrome increases the risk of death

Restless leg syndrome increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The authors of the new study say that restless leg syndrome may increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, especially among older women. The urgency of the problem Restless legs syndrome is a neurologic sensory disorder, which affects …

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Fresh air is not always useful

It is important not how much, and where — according to scientists from Imperial College London in a new study. A group of British scientists conducted an experiment in which suggested 119 participants older than 60 years to make a two-hour walk through Hyde Park and Oxford street (one of …

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