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Zakharova criticized the authorities of the Netherlands

Захарова обрушилась с критикой на власти НидерландовThe Dutch authorities have their own people wrapped around her finger.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the ratification by the Netherlands of the Association Agreement EU − Ukraine.

The speaker of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU − anti-Russian in nature, and the people of the Netherlands deceived by his leaders.

“However, follows from all this sad conclusion: in fact, Dutch people say “no” to Association with Ukraine, was duped. Did it of his own leaders, once again employed the openly Russophobic propaganda, which, incidentally, is a direct confirmation of the anti-Russian essence of the Association Agreement EU – Ukraine, how much would any of us have claimed to the contrary”, − said Zakharov.

She believes that the Dutch policy used controversial methods to achieve such results.

“Predictable at a recent debate all again reduced to unsubstantiated allegations about provocative actions of Moscow, the words to a pan-European solidarity in the face of the mythical “Russian threat” etc.”, − said the speaker of the MFA of Russia.

She also added that “Ukraine will continue to ignore the rapid transformation of Ukraine from industrialized countries into agrarian and raw materials appendage of the EU.”

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