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Yuliya Snigir first told about the son of Eugene Tsyganov


For Yulia Snigir Yevgeny Tsyganov left the family, leaving the civil wife Irina Leonov and seven children. New girlfriend also gave birth to the actor of the child — the son of Fyodor. Julia hides the baby from the public and shows his photos in social networks. The artist rarely sees the light: star parties, fashion shows and social events Snigir prefers quiet evenings in the family circle. According to the actress, in places it feels uncomfortable. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“It seems to me, my family and my house I balance. Although I’m not sure I will be able to be “mommy-mommy”. I just know that if the son is the center of my universe, this universe is large and there are many things there. I guess I finally calm down, if I constantly work in the theater and rehearse, rehearse”, — said Julia in an interview with OK!

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Snigir admitted that caring for her son helps her mother. Also, the actress noted the benefits of modern gadgets for children. “There are so many devices, without which I can’t even imagine life with a child. At our house when I was growing up, there was even a washing machine. Mom washed clothes by hand, and I remember once trying to help her, poured all the powder on clean underwear, and my mom had to manually rinsing everything again,” shared the star.

Recently, Julia and Eugene together, had fun at the celebration in honor of the birthday of their friend, actress Anne Saliva. At the party Snigir happy to be photographed with the birthday girl and her friends, but Eugene tried to stay in the shadows.

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