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Young mother Elena Kuletskaya has led a war bride in the new wedding show

34-summer Elena Kuletskaya last year for the first time became a mother: the model wife gave birth to Stanislav Romanovsky, daughter nick. After birth, Elena quickly got into shape and went back to work.

May 1 on the channel, CTC Love launched the new show “My wedding better!” leading which became Kuletskaya. The project will compete with the bride. Girls have to prove that their party is better than the competitors.

The rules are simple: every week 4 participants of the project not only satisfied with their original wedding, but go on holiday each other, where the estimated event of the competitor according to several parameters: the image of the bride, menus, entertainment and the General atmosphere. The main prize who will receive the winner — a romantic trip to exotic country.

Elena Kuletskaya husband

In each issue, viewers will get tips for the holiday and see what you can save, whether to take the dress rental with competitions as to take into account the preferences of the guests.

“Every four we have a completely different budget, the idea is that the guests of the celebration, and it is really interesting to compare. Viewers can not only see a beautiful wedding, but also pay attention to the process of preparation and implementation of ideas, to admire what is happening or to notice the shortcomings, as do our heroines!” said Elena Kuletskaya.

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