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Yana Solomko left producer

Яна Соломко покинула продюсераThe singer announced the closure of its project, “Yang”, which worked in collaboration with producer Yuri Nikitin.

In the fall of 2016, it became known that Yana Solomko began work on a new project, “Yang” and announced the casting of the girls with figure plus size has good vocal abilities.

Ian wanted to create a group that would include participants with non-standard beauty, a desire to change the world for the better, and, most importantly, able to sing.

Six months later, the singer is working together with renowned producer Yuri Nikitin, made a statement about the closure of the project. Alas, to see the “young” fans will fail. The decision on termination of existence of the project Yana Solomko explained on his page in Instagram:

“Yang I’m sorry, young goodbye! Girl, my whole life is a very difficult and long way. Never made as easier as believe that it is impossible to achieve your dreams without effort. But in this way I was always meeting different people. I was lucky and it was beautiful people, professionals, real stars in their field, and each one made me stronger and more experienced. Now I want to say thank you to Yury Nikitin, a talented producer and musician, an experienced Manager and entrepreneur who six months ago believing in my ideas and offered cooperation.

I know for sure that many of you have been waiting for me in the music. I tried and searched myself. And every step for me has huge value. After the birth of Kira for some time I was obliged to devote only to her, then there was a shooting on the STB. But I was born of ideas, melodies, images that supported Yuri. The last six months, his team has prepared for you a musical surprise. It was a huge pleasure to work with a man like Yuri, but I realized that my path is different. I’m happy only when absolutely free. Soon I will show you what was born in 2015…

And now I want to say thank you and close the project page of the “Yang”. This is the past. And while you can only intrigue you the name of my new song “Innocent”.

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