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White eyeliner: adapt the main beauty trend to everyday life

Margot Robbie and Rihanna

Cost Rihanna to appear on the show men’s spring / summer collection Louis Vuitton white arrow, beauty experts in one voice declared the return to fashion of white eyeliner. SPLETNIK.RU decided to examine the trend in detail and ask an experienced makeup artist to comment on a new trend.

White eyeliner allows you to emphasize the eyes is no worse than classic black and brown hands, moreover, it is perfect for enhancing a tan. It refreshes the skin, in the absence of sun, if you were to draw white pencil on the inner contour of the lower eyelid, this will help make your eyes look wide open and shining. This technique is often used by makeup artists to remove the redness from eyes.

Want strict, graphic arrows — use liquid white eyeliner, and the pencil is ideal for soft and slightly feathered lines. According to professionals, the perfect Duo — a white eyeliner applied on the shadow, and Rudova lipstick.

Irina Kirsanova, the celebrity stylist, makeup artist and co-owner of the White Star Beauty brand, told how to repeat the makeup

1. The combination of black and white fine lines

Work the ciliary margin of the black line (draw a thin arrow, highlighting the shape of the eye) and above it draw an arrow with a white eyeliner. Light shade to begin with a thin line at the inner corner of the eye and gradually expand to the outside.

2.Long, thick eyelashes and white arrows

The white arrow is combined with a fake or extended eyelashes. In this case, a darker shade of eyelashes visually distinguish the white arrow, making it more spectacular, and she, in turn, accentuate the length and curve of lashes.

3. Soft color gradients

The inner corner of the eyes begin to draw the arrow in white in the centre with white, gradually begin to add the darker shade in the outer corners finish the arrow with a black eyeliner.

Who will not go

If you are the owner of bright, porcelain skin, white arrows can give the face an unhealthy appearance. The second important limitation is the eye round in shape. There is a great risk that the white arrow will make them visually more round and small. And the main thing — do not make the arrow too thick (especially in the inner area), it will create the effect of close-set eyes.

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