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What to do when everyone is against you?

Что делать, когда все против вас?

What if one side of the lenders, on the other checks and the like out of this madness no choice but to declare itself bankrupt? Actually there is another loophole that can help. But have to work.

Of course, if you already besieged by creditors and disgruntled employees of different departments, you need something to radically change the approach to work, because such a situation from scratch does not arise. And what I will write next will not replace the necessary actions to bring your organization in order.

However, this approach will significantly alleviate the situation and reduce the level of pressure on you. If you have not brought the situation to the described the Apocalypse, these actions will help you to prevent such situations and to reduce their impact to a minimum.

So, it will go about such a thing as a personal brand. However, immediately warn that this is a double-edged sword, and if you create your brand, then you have to answer for it. That is, it not only can help you, but in case of error may adversely affect the business, as it was from the Bank after the conflict, Oleg Tinkov with the YouTube channel “Nimage”.

Why should you help? Because a personal brand is always a plus. A famous person is more difficult to trample, it will not be to use very very dirty tricks. Some people from the dregs of society and does not want to approach this person. Not the fact that they can even explain why, but they feel an acute reluctance to come to light, because such a steep in a dark alley, in the light they look ugly and ridiculous.

Next. If you have a personal brand that is you know outside a narrow circle of partners and colleagues to you more confidence and your credit increases. We should not abuse it, because you are in sight and if too zarvetsya, you are sure to backfire. But in General, a man about whom the Newspapers and magazines, will be more willing to cooperate than those about whom nothing is known.

I think you have the question: “How am I going to create a good image if everything is against me?”. Oh, then you have great news! Even if you are Dmitry Portnyagin, about you took a lot of revelations on YouTube and has released several TV shows, anyway there is a bunch of groups and communities in social networks and official media who agree to publish your material. Provided that it is well written!

How to create interesting articles you can read a long lecture and write more than one book! Immediately give you some tips that will help you cope, if you a very necessary.


  • Write the truth. And it’s not just that you can’t lie and say that you are a Sheikh from the United Arab Emirates, while you are from Ryazan, and of the riches you have only a small dumpling. Write “truth of life”, that is something that really happens and has happened in your life. What? Well, you can use the definition of PR from the classics of L. Ron Hubbard: “public Relations is the art of creating fame good works“. That is, to write about my good deeds that really was.
  • Do not attempt to advertise. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know that you were told that PR and advertising are one and the same. Well, black bread, pizza and cake is all the same, too, because the pastries. No. The essence of PR is to tell the truth about himself, or rather the part you need. Cause people have empathy and a desire to stand by your side.

    Tell us about different people, about the stories that you have watched, and himself only mention in comparison, and with someone more cool. No, it’s not about to belittle myself, talking about how to position yourself with those who really bigger and stronger. So you approach them in terms of their image. By the way, it will give you another mention of a famous name, which in itself will increase the chances of publication.

  • Mention some conflict and some money. Do not have a conflict with your participation, but in the article, this conflict should be. Definitely. Otherwise the story will be boring.
  • </ol>


  • Now send it wherever you can. Unfortunately, here, too, will have to work to separate what is necessary from what is not necessary. That is, if your story is about business in the 90s, it is not necessary to send it to the media and groups dedicated to embroidery. If the story about how to keep the family together despite the successes in the career, it is unlikely that it is necessary to send at automobile magazine. In General, “wherever possible”, but for the relevant audiences.
  • </ol>

    If you write (or assign someone to write) 10 articles and publish them during the week, and then will publish at least one a week, in a month you will feel the first effect. Plus, if you start to own Instagram or YouTube channel on a regular basis, this will add weight to your statements and creates more audience. And let at the start you will have only 10 subscribers and 50 views per video, it’s much better than silence, under which different criminal elements like to Rob the business.

    So if you feel bad, if you find it hard, force yourself to do what is written above (in addition to what you are already doing). Last month at the rhythm and look at the result. I wonder if it is not.

    I think it all? You can relax? No. This is only the beginning, and the most important and interesting is still ahead. So “to be continued…”

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