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Weird prohibitions existing in Malta. Photo

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. ФотоFor traveler.

What we should not speak Maltese and why is it better to place the interior of the bus and not stand near the entrance? If you will adopt these eight prohibitions, it will be easier to integrate into the atmosphere of the country and make friends with the locals.

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Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

The Malta transport guides should be given special attention. At first glance, all the usual: the spot marked with the appropriate signs hang of the bus schedule. But schedule these, to put it mildly, conventional buses can not only be late, but to leave early. And simply does not stop at the bus stops. So if you see a position number, start vote, waving his arms — do anything to make the driver understand that you are waiting for it.

Upon entering the room, away from doors away: they are not closed, and the buses, even at bus stops never slowing down. That is, standing in the door, when you turn, you risk falling out on the road. To show the driver that you intend to leave at the next stop, click on manual call.
Abuse included light and water

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

Rivers on Malta is not, and consequently, there is no cheap hydropower. Thermal power plants fuel is delivered by sea. So in the evenings in homes doesn’t Shine all the Windows. And even though the lights on the main streets are burning bright, the same cannot be said about secondary roads.

The same problem with water. As the country has no freshwater source, imported water from other countries. Imagine how much it costs the authorities?! Of course, bathe in the shower at the hotel, no ban, but you should be prepared for the fact that once the water from the tap will not clean or does not go. Save it!
To compare Maltese with the Arabs or Tunisians

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

The inhabitants of this tiny country mixed lot of blood. About 3000 years ago the Maltese archipelago was inhabited by the Phoenicians, then the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Germans, British… all of this was reflected in the character and appearance of the Maltese. They are lighter than Africans but darker than Europeans, they resemble Arabs.

The Maltese themselves are such comparisons really don’t like, they hurt their national pride. Worse perhaps is that compared to the Tunisians, since the last time from this country to Malta arrives pretty much willing to find a job. And to be like immigrants, indigenous inhabitants of the country did not want.
To refuse an invitation to tea or dinner

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

This will upset the Maltese, who are very hospitable. They do like to visit — simply because for them it is an extra opportunity to speak, and to say they love. Most importantly — on time. Maltese usually eat dinner around 19:00 and do not welcome late arrivals. Although they do not differ punctuality and live slowly. This is a paradox.
To argue

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

If you are going to argue with a Maltese, keep in mind that you are unlikely to change his mind. Locals can discuss for hours, proving his innocence about politics, sports, anything! Affects willingness to compete, always and everywhere, where the Maltese are obliged hot Mediterranean temperament.
Interested in the personal life of the interviewee

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

Questions about personal life are considered the height of indecency, although at first for any Maltese is not a career and family interests. Malta value their relationship with relatives and almost every week gather children and grandchildren at one table. In families it is customary to have three or more children, and divorce and abortion in Malta is still banned.

That is why, pretending to be the Maltese, forget about your rank and titles, it is better to say: “I am the mother of three children” — this will hurt him much more.
Sunbathing Topless

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

The Maltese are very religious people. The Catholic faith holds 98% of the population. Most attend Church during the morning services, religion is studied in schools and churches (which in a country of over 300) always crowded. It is not surprising that devout Maltese do not like when tourists forget about modesty. In Malta it is not customary to sunbathe in a bathing suit no top. The same goes for nudism. This was read as numerous signs installed along the coastline, particularly in urban areas. Violation of the ban threatens not only oblique glances, but fine.
To doubt that the coast of Malta crashed ship St. Paul

Странные запреты, действующие на Мальте. Фото

Since childhood every Maltese knows that in 56 ad, the Apostle Paul went on a journey to preach Christianity. While in Jerusalem against the Apostle, he raised a rebellion, and the Roman authorities took him into custody. After he stayed there for a long time, he was sent to the court in Rome. However, about Malta, the ship was caught in a violent storm and was wrecked. The Apostle Paul miraculously survived and began to preach Christianity in the Maltese archipelago. For the three months that he spent here in the new faith turned almost all the locals, before that, were Gentiles.

Doubting the veracity of this story, you will cause the Maltese strong offense. Despite the fact that reliable information about the accident to no, the archipelago’s many attractions associated with the name of the Saint. In the sixteenth century in Valletta was built the Church of St. Paul. And in Mdina, the catacombs are its name, where it is believed he hid from persecution.

In addition, each year February 10, Malta celebrates the Day of St. Paul the shipwrecked. This day is the national holiday.

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