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Weird prohibitions existing in Disneyland. Photo

Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. ФотоHere are serious rules.

It would seem that in “the happiest place on Earth” it is permissible to do whatever your heart desires, and there are a few prohibitions, violation of which you can get kicked out of Disneyland.

For example, you cannot bother costumed characters to walk at the head of the procession in the Electric parade on Main street, it is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, such as rum, on the attraction “pirates of the Caribbean”, in order to drink them with pirate robots. But there is still more strange prohibitions, you would have thought to do that in such a you can expel from Disneyland.

Here are six rules that will help you not to lose face in the dirt:

Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. Фото

Do not bring balloons

Balloons can be seen everywhere in Disneyland, but not appear with them at the theme Park, “animal Kingdom”. They are banned “for the safety of our animals,” as written on the web site of Disneyland. This is due to the fact that the balls burst, and a loud noise can scare animals and wisconsonite from the hands of the balls can fly in cages, and animals accidentally (or intentionally) you can eat them. In addition, plastic straws and lids are also banned in “the animal Kingdom”.

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Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. Фото

It is impossible to bring folding chairs

On the rides at Disneyland are hard to get due to long queues. Probably people tried somehow to ease painful “standing in line”, sitting on a folding chair. But, alas, such chairs are not permitted in the amusement Park.

Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. Фото

Don’t bring wrapped gifts

All large bags, packages and parcels are searched at the entrance to the Park. Then your wrapped gift you son of a bitch to see and do in there…bombs. If the security guard at the entrance and will not detect anything, the surprise will be ruined, and the mood is probably too. It is unlikely you will want to continue your walk in the Park.

Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. Фото

You can not run

At Disneyland is always so much fun and so little time for all this — but not in a hurry to run from attraction to attraction, so as to run are not allowed here. It is obvious, therefore want the visitors less stumbling, bumping into each other, and that children are not separated from their parents.

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Странные запреты, действующие в Диснейленде. Фото

You cannot flaunt obscene tattoos

I hasten to reassure the holders of the tattoo, do not worry, this prohibition applies only to those of you whose tattoos contain words and images objectionable. By the way, this also applies to inscriptions and drawings on t-shirts. Of course, the question arises — what exactly qualifies as spam. For example, the words “I LOVE SATAN” would be considered reprehensible? Maybe you just need to do a tattoo with a less provocative labels.
Do not wear fancy dress (adults only)

Although Disneyland love to visit as children and adults (who in his heart were all the same kids), dress up only the kids. As the rule States: “In costume are not allowed to receive visitors aged 14 years and older.” Frankly, it’s a shame when you are asked to leave the most beautiful place on Earth, guided by this rather strange rule.

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