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War on the roads: the “emergency” regions of Ukraine

Война на дорогах: названы самые "аварийные" регионы УкраиныIn what regions of Ukraine often happened the terrible accident.

The last few days was marked by a large number of fatal accidents. Only 23 to 26 June, on the Ukrainian roads killed 37 people. Many of the accidents occurred due to the departure of cars on the oncoming lane. So, the victims of a head-on collision on June 24 in Kiev region began three people, among them the Deputy of the regional Council of the region Boris Panchenko.

We will tell, in what regions of the country experienced the most worst of all, the “front” of traffic accidents, which in 25-30% of cases in loss of life. Statistics provided by the office of road safety of national police for five months of this year.

In the first place bloody rating – Chernihiv oblast – 27 accidents with departure on a counter strip, which killed 5 people.

Further on among the most serious an accident, Dnipropetrovsk region, 25 cases in which 4 people died.

Followed Poltavs’ka oblast – 22 accident head-on and 10 dead.

Kiev – 16 accidents (number of fatalities data not shown).

In the Lviv and Vinnytsia region for five months of this year occurred in 15 accidents with departure on the oncoming traffic, which killed 3 people.

Volyn oblast – 13 accidents and 2 dead.

Ivano-Frankivsk and Cherkasy region – 10 accidents head-on, which killed 11 people.

Lugansk region – 9 accidents with departure on a counter strip which killed at least one person.

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