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Video animations

Creating animations a specialty of company, and we work is not just very seriously – we love it, we like to create a promotional products, helps our customers sell their products, but very popular with the consumers, really very extensive and includes all the modern methods and techniques. Production of animation is a creative and very challenging process.
The placement of the videos on the website and/or television or services. Man remembers approximately 22% heard 34% was seen and 75% of what he hears and sees at the same time. Promotional videos will allow you to raise the level of prestige and credibility of your company.
What movie
The market launch of new services
Improving brand awareness
Retention of the existing products on the market
Increased sales
animated explainer video production
Where applicable
Stream on TV
animated explainer video production
Posting on your own website
Placement on thematic Internet sites
Stream advertising on video screens in your city
Accommodation in social.networks
Stream malls and theaters
Video advertising on transport
Types of animation
Simple animated video clips, with different graphical elements, titles and voice acting. This video is optimal for you, if you want a small movie in a limited budget.
In order for the roller to be maximally effective, it is necessary to pay close attention to the quality, photos, and videos, soundtracks, logo video. The materials are provided by the customer.
2D animation allows you to show a product or service more visually appealing due to the fact that the animation “animates” them on the screen, allows you to make the video informative but not boring. This animation allows you to explain complex issues in simple and accessible language, this clip interesting to watch, and so he is able to attract more attention to the product or service.
C reation of 2d animations can be applied to different technology – it could be classical (hand-drawn or puppet animation) or the modern technology of motion capture.
The cost of animation is calculated in each case individually. It depends on the number of involved characters, complexity, computer animation, and also the duration of the video.
It allows you to display even the most complex process both outside and inside.
3d video means to replace the hours-long presentation of technical information a few minutes affordable and memorable video, the viewer does not get tired from large amounts of information and ensure the appropriateness of Your project, order a service or goods purchase. The simplicity and ease of providing information – the key to success of any presentation.

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