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Velvet season: which countries should really fly

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь5 countries, where better to go in the fall.

Summer is the best time for a vacation? Often, Yes, but in some countries the tourist season starts later.

We offer you a selection of countries travel to which is better to postpone until the autumn.

France: view of the Mediterranean sea through the eyes of Matisse

Having been in nice at least once, you want to return here forever. This is the most atmospheric and the most refined place in the entire Cote d’azur. The resort of monarchs and celebrities. A little pompous, a little pretentious, but welcoming and sincere. Here Chekhov wrote and Hemingway, created by Chagall and Matisse, and the Museum of the latter is not just a exhibition of paintings, as a kind of house of the great master. Most of the beaches in nice stretch along the promenade des Anglais. And that’s exactly the case when look for alternatives outside the city is not worth it. Because anything better just yet. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

If you still want to change nice for something a little less respectable and a break from the neat old ladies in the English promenade, rent a car, spend on the road three hours and find yourself on the shores of the same Mediterranean sea, but only the other side. Next to the Costa del Sol, but still in France in the region Languedoc‑Roussillon. Swim there in the village of cap d’agde, the resort of Argeles Beach and near the town of Sète, which, by the way, because of the abundance of bridges and canals often referred to as the “Venice of Languedoc”.

Weather: in September the air +24…+26, water +22 October air +22…+24, water +21

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь

Greece: to swim over a volcano sleepless

Blue domed churches, white-washed walls almost toy houses on the ledges of colorful volcanic rocks and beaches make Santorini island postcard. On the creation of Islands of good nature, and people. Nature for him three and a half thousand years ago Santorini volcano blew up and left on the surface of only the edge of the crater.

Everything else with the muzzle boomed to the bottom and there great, still boils the Aegean sea: the surface water temperature does not drop below +30 ° C. Even in September‑October. Place a “pots” to determine quite simple: there is almost always the tourist boats sail, and dive lovers tickle your nerves.

Weather: in September the air +24…+26, water +22 October air +22…+24, water +21

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь

Italy to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus

Studded with beaches, photogenic palaces and fortresses in the Italian region of Liguria begins from Genoa city bankers, seafarers and adventurers. It is in Genoa rose Christopher Columbus, who discovered half the world. There appeared the first Bank. And there for the first time realized that it is time for Italy to unite. The most adventurous town that you don’t know what to expect. This Genoa and beautiful.

But despite the raciness of Genoa, Liguria acquaintance with many travelers start with her, and divinely beautiful areas lying to the East: Portofino, Portovenere, Rapallo, and others. West of Genoa is also interesting. In addition to the wonderful beaches and towns by the sea, each of which is a little gem, there is a real treasure. For example, Savona, fortress Priamar. The path further to the West, is impossible without exploring Sanremo, which continues the Imperial tradition: once it was a favorite (along with nice) resort of Russian aristocracy.

Weather: in September the air +24…+26, water of +23 in October air +21…+23 water +21.

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь

Spain: to hang out in the Nightclubs of the Costa Brava

Like all the coastal cities of Spain, Lloret de Mar, too, was once a tiny fishing village. Now it is a famous place for recreation and entertainment of the Spanish and European youth. There are a huge number of all kinds of pubs — from Mexican bars to Irish pubs, and night clubs and discos, casino, music café and more.

Here even from Barcelona (from there to the town — only an hour away), I go on the weekends the capital’s party people to dance until 6 am, then sleeping until dinner, then bathe in the warm waves of the Mediterranean, and at night — back to the dance floor. In the center of Lloret de Mar is not only good clubs, but the beaches, as well as throughout the Costa Brava — well, except noisier and youth, especially urban, but with all necessary attributes — water bicycles and motorcycles, bananas and skiing, tubing and masks.

Weather: in September the air +25…+27, water +23 in October, air +20…+22, water +20.

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь

USA: catch a tan on the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu

The beaches of Malibu — most star in California. Among the owners of local villas are Richard Gere, sting, pierce Brosnan and Madonna. Celebrities regularly appear on public beaches and even come to the local pier (Malibu Pier), where they are caught photographers of yellow Newspapers. On the pier you can rent a surfboard or kayak, available at the restaurant, grilled octopus, and even rent a boat to the open ocean to see dolphins and whales. No less popular beaches in the nearby Santa Monica — a tiny town where live artists, writers and wealthy retirees. During the day you sculpt the figures out of the sand in the evenings strumming the guitars. The best places to swim close to the local pier where you can ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel.

Weather: in September the air +27…+29, water +20, in October air +24…+26, water +18

Бархатный сезон: в какие страны действительно стоит лететь

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