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Valerie handed an unusual award

Валерии вручили необычную наградуValeria received an unusual award .

In the framework of the events for Mother’s Day in Moscow was awarded the annual prize of the most good parents. Valeria boasted to fans that she got a diploma “Supermama”.

She admitted that the competition was attended by many great moms with great kids, but when the singer was still happy to receive this award. She remembered how grown her kids. Valeria told followers on instagram that, of course, was not always an exemplary mother, but, apparently, something in this life still doing the right thing.

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Some subscribers will protested the existence of such awards: “there should be a prize. What are the principles and parameters were selected? Who is better or more beautiful children? Or the mother herself? It is not fair and not right. We are all worthy. We are all moms, just each in their own way and each super individual”.

Others stood up for Valerie: “I do not know what kind of imaginary prize, but Valeria is very interesting to me as a man. Very feminine and delicate lady, and that she is a great mom no doubt. Don’t know her personally, but I think she’s a good person. You need to be able to rejoice in others ‘ achievements. Many write that nominees from a privileged caste… so, what’s stopping You to fly to such heights?”

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