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Users on the Network crazy new optical illusion

Пользователей Сети свела с ума новая оптическая иллюзияOptical illusion has driven many users of the network to a standstill.

The blogger tweeted an interesting movie, which confused users on the network. In the video, he twice pours soda from a smaller glass in the larger, but it fills the vessels to the brim. This optical illusion has driven many to a standstill.

More than 70 thousand users have shared this recording. But still many people can not understand why the fluid level remains the same in the glasses of different volumes and began to look for the cause. Someone says that focus has been due to the deft handling of the camera. Others suggested that in every next drink was spiked or pollito something that increases the volume of the liquid.

However, the author of the trick, the secret is not revealed, and only fanned the intrigue of the new video.

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