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Undergoing hundreds of plastic surgery TV presenter shocked Cannes


Igor Bogdanov and his twin brother Gregory became famous not so much for their work as broadcasters in France, as many plastic surgery. Brothers, the wave of popularity which occurred in 80-e years, more than a dozen times went under the surgeon’s knife to maintain his youth. Today, however, the 67-year-old twins look like the characters in horror movies.


Igor Bogdanov this year visited the Cannes film festival, where his appearance created a furor. The man’s face after countless interventions was more like a mask, which, however, does not prevent Igor enjoy success with women!


Bogdanov was officially married three times and his last wife was the heiress of Bourbon and a distant descendant of king Louis VI.

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However, in Cannes Igor shone with a new lover — a 33-year-old model Julie Zhardon. Apparently, the blond nymph does not confuse any very significant difference in age, nor the intimidating appearance of the chosen one.

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