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Ukrainians ridiculed Christmas toys in Russia

Украинцы подняли на смех новогодние игрушки в России People are asked to decorate the Christmas tree militaristic toys.

At the Christmas fairs and sales in Moscow there was a strange Christmas decorations -people offer to buy items decorated with militaristic themes. Why the manufacturer has decided that military equipment and Christmas mood are connected – the user doesn’t say.

About the strange “war” toys on his Twitter page, according to Deutsche Welle: “the name of the set is particularly impressive – “Our tradition.”

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Such militaristic set caused a great resonance in the network.

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“It is necessary to introduce Russians to the concept of “the peace nation” , by analogy with the “most peaceful religion”, “the Fascist tradition is detected”, “it’s Interesting to see who buys this. This is only for budget money. For their money, to house on Christmas tree to hang? Never”, “North Korea will soon hide behind the Affairs of Muscovy”, “the Kremlin is driving the war into the brains of wool in every way”, “Kiseleva on the background of a nuclear fungus is still not enough for the Christmas decorations to complete the picture of Putin’s Russia,” write the users of the network in the comments below the post.

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Украинцы подняли на смех новогодние игрушки в России
Украинцы подняли на смех новогодние игрушки в России

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