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Trump rasskryl purpose of the attack on the Syrian air base

Трамп расскрыл цель удара по сирийской авиабазеAirstrike USA on the basis of the Syrian air force was made on the basis of the vital national security interests.

The US President Donald trump has sent members of Congress a letter of explanation of a missile strike on a military base in Syria.

The American leader said that it is done on his orders a missile attack was necessary to ensure US security. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I acted to protect the vital foreign policy interests and national security, in accordance with my constitutional authority responsible for the foreign policy of the Supreme commander and head of the Executive power,” the letter reads.

Trump explained that he made this decision “to reduce the military capabilities of Syria to carry out further attacks with the use of chemical weapons and to discourage the Syrian regime from further attacks using banned chemical weapons, thereby promoting stability in the region and prevent worsening of the current humanitarian catastrophe in the region.”

He also assured that “the United States will, if necessary, additional measures to further protect their national interests.”

Recall that under U.S. law, in cases when an American President decides to hold a short-term military operation abroad, he should then report back to the Congress.

However, many congressmen thought that because it was not about self-defence and the Syrian military did not represent a direct threat to the United States, Trump had to get permission from Congress, then to strike.

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